We had the pleasure of Terry and Jeff Norris staying with us and one afternoon Jeff was boasting about Terry and her baking.  He was mentioning this one recipe that had lemon, and me, well, I love anything with lemon.....so I had to know more!  Terry said this cake has extemely simple ingredients and easy to make, but has the best lemon flavor you can imagine and is always requested for her to bring along when she is attending funtions.  So, I asked if she would share the recipe with me.  So here it is folks and enjoy!

- Small 3oz box of Lemon Jello
- 4 Eggs
- 3/4 Cup Water
- 1 Supreme Lemon Cake Mix
- 3/4 Cup Oil

- 2 1/2 Cups Powder Sugar
- 1/4 Cup Lemon Juice (Fresh Squeezed is the Best)
   If too thick, add water.

1) Whip together jello - eggs - water until foamie and then add cake mix and oil.  Stir well
2) Bake at 350 degree for 35-40 minutes in a 9 x 13 Glass Cake Dish
3) When done, remove from oven and immediately fork the top of the cake all over it, then pour frosting over top of the cake.  Let it cool then serve.

Harvesting the Past
(A non-traditional recipe for unusual living)

Paul and Janell Davenport of rural Bellevue, Ohio would like to share a recipe with anyone interested in sampling something very different in life. You must first locate within your personal cupboards some of the following tools; necessity, desire, creativity and above all… resolve. In a large vessel (we got a little carried away and therefore suggest using a portion of your lawn) you begin by blending together only select heirloom ingredients.
These consist ofthe following items...
  • 2.3 tons of vintage barn beams
  • 1,071 pounds of old barn siding
  • 146 boards previously used as granary walls
  • several cups of rusty corrugated metal roofing
  • a handful of old windows
  • some slices of antique slate chalkboards
  • several quarts of sweat
  • a dash of (when is season) old wooden horse stall dividers
  • an occasional few choice words and pinches of whatever else you think may add a flavorful twist
  • (Note: This recipe need not be strictly adhered to and in fact the Davenports strongly recommend you experiment with your own special “secret ingredients”.)
  • When these are all thoroughly mixed in proper proportions, you next knead them together until the consistency allows you to form them into any shape you desire. (We elected something along the lines of a gingerbread house gone primitive.)
  • Once you have fashioned the mold into shape, you may then liberally sprinkle it with savory and time-tested herbs and spices like passion, love, warmth and for the finale add small dollops of colorful things from flowers to keepsakes.
  • Now comes the really hard part. You must be patient and allow it to slowly rise over a 14 month period (good stuff takes time!).  Then at last you are ready to sample and share your new creation with family, friends and new acquaintances.

We call our highly unusual but delectable offering the “Dancing Fox Cabin”.
So now that your interest has been peaked, you may ask, “What precisely is the Dancing Fox Cabin?”  The answer is, “The Dancing Fox cabin is ;
(1) a conceptualized version of a possible early Ohio settler’s cabin,
(2) a demonstration of repurposing and re-claiming on a grand scale (the entire structure is comprised of 95 % reclaimed materials),
(3) a rustic but very well-appointed accommodation for travelers for daily or extended stay habitation,
(4) named in tribute to a mythological Native American who was wise enough to understand his stewardship responsibilities to the land and its resources,
(5) an inspiration for others to emulate at whatever level their capacities, time and budget allow and
(6) one of the most unusual structures in Ohio.”

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