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Welcome to Dancing Fox Cabin

Paul and Janell Davenport have added a new concept in vacation rental accommodations for travelers visiting the north coast area.  For us, combining the idea of building a small, efficient cabin and using reclaimed materials went hand in hand with our goal of being environmentally friendly and providing a unique, one of a kind accommodation.  Website

Its main theme falls into the genre of a gentle rustic cabin built almost exclusively with repurposed materials found in the surrounding Bellevue and 4 county area. Its broad appeal is for those who seek a truly unique accommodations as well as those who appreciate local historical implications all within the framework of New Age attitudes and the dynamics of “Going Green”.  The cabin’s rustic structure and everything relative to it on the exterior and contents were built or decorated with 95+% recycled-repurposed-reincarnated materials. 

This concept has been fully realized while simultaneously creating a welcoming and comfortable environment with cost-conscience rates for travelers. The ambiance created while staying at the Dancing Fox cabin will include feelings of inspirational, timelessness, thought-provoking, well-being and so very many more. It may awake senses you haven’t experienced before.We are a pet free and smoke free interior environment and are committed to continually evaluating our operations in order to employ more environmentally friendly methods of providing the best service to our guests. As an example, we use bamboo sheets, fair trade items, eco friendly lighting and more. We believe that each initiative we pursue with the help of our guests, no matter how small, helps to preserve our town for future generations.
Dancing Fox Cabin amenities include sleeping capacity for 4-5 persons in a one room, settler style cabin with queen size log frame bunk beds, modest size but well equipped kitchen, full bathroom with shower, a completely secure environment, six-person outdoor hot tub, early settler wooden chimney with gas fireplace, old-world style pergola with fire pit and campfire wood, private patio with seating and gas grill, ample parking and storage for bicycles and additional gear.
Both the Dancing Fox cabin and Harpster-Davenport Guest House are available for nightly and extended stay for business travelers, student interns, church members,
traveling medical profession, relocating to the area and a host of others for those desiring safe and lovingly furnished and affordable accommodations.

For more information about Dancing Fox Cabin
Please call: 419-602-1009 or visit our

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