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Spend the Day on Put-in-Bay 
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The Miller Ferry is located at the tip of Catawba Island.  In just 18 minutes, you (and your auto if you wish) will be transported to incredible South Bass Island, home of Put-in-Bay. 

millers ferry to put-in-bay, ohio and kelleys islandOnce on the island, available transporation includes rental bikes and golf carts as well as buses. Enjoy daylife, nightlife, shopping, history, great food and fabulous views of Lake Erie and the outer islands!

Here's an Attractions list of things to do and see located on Put-in-Bay


Goodtime I Lake Erie Island Cruises
The M/V Goodtime I is a sleek all-steel vessel built for ocean-going cruises. She is 117 feet long and Coast Guard approved to carry 355 Passengers. The Goodtime I departs from Sandusky, Ohio Tuesday through Saturday on a Daytime Island Hopping Cruise, as well as other specialty cruises such as the Tuesday Night Sandusky Bay Cruise, and the famous Friday Night Party Cruise. The Goodtime I also is available for Private Rental, and Seasonal Special Excursions
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Here's Just a few of the places to visit.....
perrys monument on put-in-bay, Ohio

Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial Scenic park with a 352-ft.-tall column dedicated to those who fought in the Battle of Lake Erie.  It is the third tallest memorial in the United States and commemorates Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry's victory over the British fleet during the War of 1812.  Did You Know the weight of Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial column is estimated at 36,800,000 pounds (16,692 metric tons). The foundation alone consists of a concrete ring 9½ feet thick (2.9m) and 12 feet deep (3.66m) with an outside diameter of 45 feet!  Take a trip to the top! 


The Tour Train provides a narrated tour of the island and departs from the Depot downtown.  The Tour lasts one hour and stops at several island attractions along its route.  tour train put-in-bay ohioThe boarding pass allows passengers to disembark and re-board along the route.  (TOUR TRAIN COUPON)

Gem Mining Company at Perry's Cave is a fun attraction for everyone!  Discover gemstones inside bags of dirt at the gift shop.
The Alaskan Birdhouse Wildlife Museum, located on Meechen Road is full of examples of North American wildlife.  Guided tours are informative and include a detailed wildlife discussion.
butterfly house on Put-in-Bay at Perrys Cave, OhioButterfly House  A great place for the entire family,. This unique habitat features a large variety of Butterflies and is divided into three separate rooms or environments. While visiting Put-in-Bay step into the world of Butterflies, a great family experience. Just take a taxi or rent a golf cart and enjoy this unique Put-in-Bay attraction.

perrys cave on -in-bay
Perry's Cave located near Heineman's Winery offers a look at the cave Perry discovered.  Prisoners were held here during the War of 1812.

Heineman's Winery, established in 1888 and Crystal Cave, the world's largest geode, is located directly below the winery.

stonehendge estates put-in-bay ohio
The Stonehenge Estate on Langram Road may be the best kept secret on Put-in-Bay. 
Stonehenge has a self-guided cassette tour of the stone farmhouse and wine press cottage. 
The building date to the 1800's.
Kelleys Island
Kelleys Island, Lake Erie Ohio, State Park
Kelleys Island, the largest of the Lake Erie islands, is located just off the north central Ohio coastline, accessible by frequent ferries and small airplanes.  In less than 45 minutes, you can land on the shore of Kelleys Island via the nearby Kelleys Island Ferry

Historic architecture, small shops, family-oriented activities, plenty of restaurants and fun saloons are waiting for you!  Bring a bike or rent one....or cruise the island at your leisure on one of the golf carts for rent by the ferry dock.

Watch the sunset, hike the North Loop Trail, scuba dive for shipwrecks or simply stroll through town! 

Visit Kelleys Island Chamber of Commerce website before you go and see all there is to do for a full day of fun for the entire family!
The Glacial Grooves on the north side of Kelleys Island are the largest easily accessible such gooves in the world!  They were scoured into solid limestone bedrock about 18,000 years ago by the great ice sheet which covered part of North America.  A trough 400' long, 35' wide and up to 10' deep remains today.

Inscription Rock, on the south shore of Kelleys Island is marked with prehistoric Indian pictographs.  Discovered partly buried in the shoreline in 1833, this 32' by 21' rock is now entirely exposed.  Much eroded by the elements, it is now protected by a roof and viewing platform.  This large limestone rock is on the south shore of Kelleys Island just east of downtown. The remains of at least two Native American villages were found very near the rock. Archaeological and historical research suggests that until about 1643 AD, Algonquian-speaking groups affiliated with the "Fire Nation" confederacy populated the Sandusky region. Historical references describe a water route of travel via Lake Ontario to the western basin of Lake Erie, an area rich in beaver pelts. It is assumed it was these pre-historic groups or members of roving bands of Iroquoian peoples (Neutral, Erie, Cat) after 1643 that carved the rock’s markings.

Kelleys Isand is one of the stepping stones used by multitude of migrating birds to cross Lake Erie. Studies show that Kelleys Island is one of the most important migratory bird stopover sites in the Great Lakes.  Through policy engagement and on-the-ground conservation efforts, The Nature Conservancy is actively increasing the amount of coastal habitat throughout the Great Lakes basin not only for migratory birds, but also native fish populations This 2800 acre island has 17 miles of shoreline and a 600 acre state park.  Diverse habitats provide opportunities to see a large variety of birds including herons, ducks, hawks, shorebirds, cuckoos, woodpeckers, flycatchers, thrushes, vireos, warblers and orioles.

Marblehead lighthouse on Lake Erie shores, OhioHead west 25 minutes to the Marblehead Peninsula and begin your adventure at the oldest continueously operating lighthouse on the Great Lakes. 
The Marblehead Lighthouse State Park features picnic grounds, breathtaking views of the outer islands and massive sheets of native rock.  The Lighthouse is open for tours Monday through Friday during June, July and August and has tours available, but check hours and days first.  Visit the on-site museum for fascinating local history, lighthouse memorabilia and artifacts.

Continuing a few miles east, you'll find the Johnson's Island Confederate Cemetery by turning south (left) on Gaydo Drive.  A $2.00 toll will give you access to the causeway over the Bay.  Once on the island, continue straight to the cemetery which is open year-round from dawn till dusk.  The island was home to over 12,000 Confederate prisoners from 1861 to 1865.
The remainder of the island is private.

When leaving Johnson's Island, continue one-half mile east on Bayshore Road (Route 163) to the historic Keeper's House, home of the first Lighthouse keeper Benajah Wolcott.  This house is open the same hours as the Marblehead Lighthouse.  A pleasant stroll down the street alongside the House takes you back in the woods to the restored Wolcott Cemetery.  Across the street from the Keeper's House will find Battlefield Park dedicated to the War of 1812.

ConfConfederate Flagederate soldiers, 206 of them, are buried on Johnsons Island, a former Civil War prison. The island, surrounded by Ohio’s Sandusky Bay its name from L.B. Johnson who bought the land in 1852. Today, there's not much on this private island except some homes and the remains of what was once Johnson's Island Confederate Officers Prison. No prison buildings are left, but a black iron fence-enclosed cemetery protects the graves of 206 Confederate soldiers who died here, all marked with headstones of white Georgia marble, placed here in 1890.
Guarding the rows of white markers is an impressive bronze statue of a Confederate soldier, sculpted by Sir Moses Ezekiel. As is customary for Civil War statues, the soldier faces north so as not to signal defeat; hence, the soldier looks out into the bay rather than back at the cemetery grounds. Another marker lists the names of the 206 who are buried here (helpful since many of the headstones have become unreadable over the years).
At one time, some 9,000 Confederate soldiers and civilians reportedly were housed on the island, which was chosen because of it offered convenient access for supplies and maintenance, needed for a prison of its size (originally, it was designed to hold 2,500 prisoners). At one time, there were at least 40 buildings outside the stockade, including officers' barracks, barns and stables. From April 1862 until September 1865, more than 10,000 Confederates are believed to have come and gone. Although only 206 soldiers are buried here, some estimates show the total deaths at the prison may have exceeded 300 during the Civil War.


Here are a few places to visit for youngsters of all ages and some with discount savings!

African Safari Wildlife Park
267 South Lightner Road
Port Clinton, Ohio     
Website    (800) 521-2660
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African Safari Wildlife Park is exciting and be sure to have your camera ready for those close-up shots as you drive through this animal filled park!  Children will adore the petting zoo, "Jungle Junction" playground, animal programs, pony and camel rides and pig races!  It's fun for all ages!  Be sure to check hours before you go on their website.

6732 East Harbor Road
Marblehead, Ohio
Website   (419) 734-5856
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Welcome Aboard!  Train-O-Rama has Ohio's largest operating multi-gauge model railroad display open to the public!  In addition to thier railroad display, they are also the largest licensed dealer for Lionel, MTH, K-Line, Weaver, Marx, and many other manufacturers in HO, N, G, and Standard gauges.  The giftshop has many fine model railroad products, such as scenery, cars, books and novelty gifts and collectibles for all ages.

Ghostly Manor Thrill Center
3319 Milan Road  (US 250)
Sandusky, Ohio  
Website   (419) 626-4467
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Four attractions - one location.  Featured on The Travel Channel's "Best Places I've Ever Been".  Experience the scariest haunted house, ride the fastest virtual roller coaster in Ohio, experience a one-of-kind interactive 3D blacklight mini-golf journey or get your heart pumping even more with a whirl around the skating rink.  Fun for the entire family!

Monsoon Lagoons
1530 South Danbury Road  
Port Clinton, OH 
Website    (419) 732-6671
Have fun watching a gigantic bucket 40 feet up, constantly filling with water.  Then evryy few minutes as the bucket fills up, it tips and splashes 1,000 gallons of water on the folks below.  There are 60 fun ways to get wet at Monsoon Lagoon.  Water bumpers cars, lazy river, pirates cove and so much more.  Concessions stands, gift shop, arcade, birthday party specials and much more!

Lagoon Deer Park
1502 Martins Point Rd. (off SR 269)
Sandusky, Ohio
Website   (419) 684-5701
In all, there are about 200 animals that reside at this interesting and educational facility. The animals are quite docile and are accustomed to being petted, so the attraction is safe and fun for all members of the family, young and old. Animals found at this wildlife park include not only deer, as the name may lead one to believe, but also rheas (small ostriches), llamas, audads (a variety of sheep), and adorable miniature donkeys that are a favorite with small children. In addition, Lagoon Deer Park boasts some 56 acres of lagoons for fresh water fishing. Visitors can expect to catch a variety of species, depending on the season, including rainbows, crappies, muskies, bass, bullheads, channel cats, carp, perch, northern pike, and bluegills. Guests must bring their own gear and bait if they wish to fish. Lagoon Deer Park is touted as an especially good place to teach young, budding anglers how to fish. In addition, some fish are tagged for prizes. Visitors can also feed the hungry fish with food available at the park.

Merry-Go-Round Museum
301 Jackson Street
Sandusky, Ohio
Website   (419) 626-6111
The museum is located inside an old post office building and you'll instantly realized they sure don't make buildings like this anymore. Inside, there is a small gift shop and many new and antique carousel animals on display. In the center is an antique Merry-Go-Round that was found stripped of all the animals from the late 1800's. New carousel animals were added and the Merry-Go-Round was restored to it's wonderful former glory with lights and music. Featuring signed horses, menagerie carvings, and a new wolf, the exhibit display gives visitors insight into the three historic carving styles. Several of the artworks are in their original factory paint, an unusual state when on a working carousel the piece may be damaged. As part of your inexpensive admission ($5-6), a ride on the Merry-Go-Round is included. The museum also has items on display that are parts of private collections. There is also a small section where you can see craftsmen carving a horse out of wood. You can stay and linger for as long as you like after the tour. Something that is really cool to see is two carousel horses that appeared on US postage stamps. Images of the stamps are next to each of the horses. Adults and children will both enjoy this.
Big Game Room Arcade at Kalahari
7000 Kalahari, Dr. (off US Rt 250)
Sandusky, Ohio 
Website   (419) 433-7200
One of Ohio's largest indoor arcades.  Total family fun with glow mini-golf and arcade bowling or test your skills with video games that challenge the body and mind.  From games designed for one to attractions that invite a playful competition, something for all ages.
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